Saturday, September 15, 2012


We have started another school year!  Kepler is now 2 years and 10 months old.  I can't believe it.  He continues to bring us SO MUCH joy.
He absolutely loves school.  After our morning class, he naps in the closet:)  When he wakes up he pops up and runs out into the classroom hoping to play with kids in the afternoon program.  It's like it's never enough:) 

Water colors
Shaving creme exploration

Kepler during Yoga with Ms. Andrea
Kepler's family.  That's him in the middle.  I'm the light one on the left and Daddy is quite tan.

He is dressing himself fully now.  He fights every new stage as it comes but then once it's clear that this new thing is going to be his responsibility, he loves the independence. Now that getting dressed is his deal he proudly gets up in the morning, uses the bathroom and then picks out his own clothes.  Of course boots were a favorite in August and now that it's mid September, the shorts are a hit:)
"What's that?  That's a telephone?"

He has been fully potty trained for a long time.  I'm not sure if I mentioned before that he now sleeps in his underwear as well. 
Daddy likes to start the sentence, "Cause he's a BIG...." and Kepler finishes, "boy!".  And it's true. 
His balance bike has been a huge hit lately.  He's cruising FAST and started lifting his feet up as he goes down hills!  No joke! It's so weird to see such a little kid balancing!  He took one good spill with Daddy the other day and has toned it down a little but he's still doing amazing on it.  I like to ride my bike next to him.  He looks up at me and says, "You have a big bike Mommy."

He's talking up a storm as usual.  It's fun to have full on conversations with him and explain things.  Other times (like 7AM in the car on the way to work) the chatter is not as fun.  It never, ever ends.  He wakes up rattling on, says everything he sees and thinks during the day and then as he gets tired he ramps it up to 5th gear to help keep him awake.  If it's time for a nap in the car we simply stop responding to him and he falls asleep:)

Today we went to the zoo with Daddy.  I've taken a lot of kids to the zoo over the years and none of them have enjoyed it as much as Kepler.  Going with him is SO FUN!  He wants to see all the animals and after each one he says, "What else we going to see?!".

 We are excited to announce that our dossier for baby girl is at our agency!  They are waiting on something to be authenticated and then it's on it's way to Ethiopia!  Now the REAL wait begins.  They are predicting a 6-10 month wait before we are matched.  It's a long time but we are really enjoying life right now so the wait isn't unbearable yet.  We shall see how I feel when we get her photo!
Life is officially in full swing.  I had a moment in the car today on the way to the zoo.  I looked at Amos and commented on our happiness as a family.  He agreed.  We feel so blessed to have Kepler in our lives.  We love each other, we love our little boy and we feel like we are living the life that was intended for us.

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