Sunday, September 6, 2009

Changing Directions

We have big, new news. We are changing gears. Amos and I are so frustrated with our agency and their lack of communication and the way they have been treating us. Something about this Burundi program isn't sitting well with us all. We find it odd that in more than a year they have only found ONE child in need of a family...
Anyway, to fill you in....We are switching to another agency and getting in line for Ethiopia. It's a bit ironic that we were going to adopt from Ethiopia in the first place and then found the Burundi program. I truly believe that things happen for a reason so we aren't looking back. We should receive our new agency application in the mail tomorrow and we will sign with them and hopefully get in a moving line!
Amos and I are feeling at peace with this new decision for a couple reasons:
1)There is a time line. People are bringing home babies from Ethiopia every day.
2)This new agency seems more trust worthy. I know people that have adopted through them and was very timely.
3)Traveling to Ethiopia will be A LOT safer, more economical and easier to plan for.
4)Our child will come from an established orphanage of about 300 children. No shady business.

The process will be a bit more expensive and we do have to switch some things over. It will take a few months to get this all situated but we know there will be a Baby Kallen at the end of the road.
Please join us in prayer!