Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Welcome May and occasional nice weather!  Having V at our house has definitely kicked things into high gear.  She has been staying with us for almost 4 months now!  She is really part of the family!  Each day has struggles of it's own as far as Kepler and V getting along and getting out the door to school on time.  Two kids bathed, dressed, fed and out the door by 7:00AM is harder than it sounds!  I guess my point is, life is difficult and busy but beautiful.
Kepler continues to grow, make us laugh and make us crazy:)  He still loves school and people in general!  Focusing on his work at school is challenging because he wants to be watching and doing what other kids are doing.  I really love that he really loves people.  What a beautiful gift to have. 
He's been in swimming lessons for about 5 months now and we've seen HUGE improvement in listening to directions, challenging himself and being brave.  I watch kids reach milestones every day for a living.  It never gets old.  HOWEVER, watching your OWN child push themselves and overcome fears and become confident and proud of themselves is the most amazing thing in the world.  The little boy who shook his head 'no' to instructors and wouldn't hardly get wet is now raising his hand to go first, jumping in the pool, dunking his head and encouraging the other kids.  I give him 'thumbs up' from the bleachers and he beams back at me and sometimes does it back.  It's awesome!  Last week I was telling him how proud of him I was for various reasons and he responded with a huge smile and asked, "Are you going to tell Jesus that you're proud of me?!". 
I love that he is starting to understand a little about Jesus and the idea of God.  We saw coffins for sale in Costco the other day and he asked what they were.  I explained that they hold your body when you die and that they get buried.  He related it to Jesus dying and he asked if a big rock was put in front of it.  Then he get really excited and said, "And then the stone was rolled away!!!".  Easter is starting to click too:)
It's been fun to talk to him about lots of stuff but our faith is one on my favorites.  He has a place mat with all his school friends pictures on it.  Each night he chooses a friend to pray for.  It's the sweetest thing.  We don't talk about Jesus that often and usually it's Kepler who brings it up.  But when he does, he's so curious and wants to know far more than I can explain.  It feels like such a natural thing.  Quite beautiful. It's a great reminder for me personally that amidst my busy life, there is a God watching over us and waiting patiently for me to acknowledge him.  Kepler is good for my faith...
He plays so nicely.  He has so much fun with V and also plays well by himself.  It's great to see his play get more imaginative.

We had a Bike-a-thon at school last Friday to raise money for a well in Haiti.  He called Grandmas, family friends and Uncle Jeremy and told them, "I'm riding my bike to get money for my school friends in Haiti to get clean water.  Will you sponsor me?".  He alone raised over $400 for the cause!  He rode his little legs off completing 6 laps around the track!  We are so proud of his big heart!

We also traveled to Atlanta last month to meet Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Mary and cousins, Savannah and Peyton for the first time!  We had so much fun.  It ripped my heart out to say goodbye knowing it will be a long time before seeing them again:(

Our dossier for Baby Sister has been in Ethiopia for 8 months!  The timeline for a referral is 6-12 months.  It could be longer and we are prepared for that because things have once again slowed down.  The good news is that things are moving steadily.  Our agency referred 5 kids to families in April.  We are still pretty far down on the list but we are hoping to be matched by Christmas.  It's exciting to think that there is a little girl, perhaps even a baby out there that will join our family!