Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oops! It's December!

We had so much fun in October with Halloween! Kepler was the cutest Elmo in the world and he got to experience his first trick or treat experience!  He got the hang of it and couldn't wait for the next house!


I just returned from a trip to Haiti.  Amos was AWESOME and played Mama and Daddy for a whole week!  It was nice to feel so loved and appreciated when I returned:)  Amos and Kepler seemed relieved to slip back into their normal role of Daddy= big, evening playmate rather than caretaker.  I was very happy to resume my role as Mama:)
Kepler is 3 years old now!  We celebrated with a few of his closest little friends at school.  They played, did a couple glittery crafts and ran around with flash lights.  It was a lot of fun! He also enjoyed opening packages from the family in AK as they arrived!

Kepler is also LOVING the Christmas season!  Christmas cheer is kind of Kepler's year long motto so it makes sense...He gets up each morning and looks around to see what our naughty Buddy Elf was up to during the night.  The first night Buddy popped all of his balloons.  Kepler found him on the bookcase with scissors in hand next to a popped balloon!  The nerve! The second night the elf got Mama's flour down and played in the "snow" all over the floor!  Last night he filled up a tub with marshmallows and took a marshmallow bubble bath with two snowmen.  What will he think of next?!
He also gets the idea of Santa now, which is very fun.  He wants a doggie vacuum cleaner.  He played with one of these at Lucy's birthday party and it left an impression.  We shall see....
Kepler has also been preparing for his church Christmas Eve performance.  He sings ALL DAY LONG, "Go tell it on the Mountain!  Over the hills and everywhere!" and encourages Amos and I to join him.  He asks for music in the car and can't ever get enough youtube music videos.  However, when the children's church woman asks the kids to stand and practice their songs, Kepler is the only one sitting down, staring ahead, silent as a church mouse.  We shall see how the performance goes!  It's going to be at 8:00pm (an hour PAST bed time!) so it could get interesting:)
On adoption #2:
We were informed in early October than our dossier was hand delivered to the new orphanage our agency is working with.  We are in month 2 of our 6-10 month wait estimate. We hear nothing but good things about this new orphanage.  Kepler knows about "Baby Sister".  He knows she is still in Ethiopia and that Mommy will go get her just like I went and got Kepler.  The time thing is hard to explain though.  He talks about how she will be little and need a bottle.  It's very sweet.  I think he'll make the BEST big brother!