Sunday, July 11, 2010

More Good News!

Hi Everyone!
I have to go back in time a week or so to bring you up to speed:) After our dossier arrived at our agency in Oregon we were notified that we were missing our rental lease. I looked at that paperwork for 2 years and didn't see that we needed to include 3 notarized, certified copies of our lease. I saw that you needed to include a copy of the deed to your house but we don't own so I skipped that part. Ooops. I guess one little thing like that isn't too bad considering everything else looked great! To make a long story shorter, we got our stuff off and heard this week that our dossier was shipped via DHL to Ethiopia. I got a tracking number and tracked it from Oregon to Ohio to Germany to Belgium and (drum roll...) finally it arrived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia yesterday!!!
So now we wait for the orphanage board to match us with our baby!!! Can you feel my excitement?!