Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Creeping Closer!

Hi Everyone!
Our dossier has been in Ethiopia for 2 months now! That means we are 2 months into our 4-6 month wait! This feels good.
I started school today. I was thinking about how good this year is going to be on my drive into work. God has blessed my school. I have a wonderful class and wonderful teacher team that I can leave when I need to hop a plane to Africa. It's all been arranged and set up for me to be a mommy! It's fun to think that sometime this year, we will get a phone call saying that they have a baby for us. We've never gotten this far! The anticipation and excitement of it all is great.
This fall brings school, Cross Training (with my 9-11 year olds), Safe Families, Kid's Church and regular coffee breaks with my friend. Winter is on it's way which means the holidays are right around the corner. This year is going to fly by and somewhere in the middle of it we get a baby!!! I haven't posted any pics in a while so I added this one of Amo and I at Ruby Beach:)
A couple things I'm learning to value: delegation, trust and surrender.