Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Tiny Bit of News

So we got an email today showing that there is some progress with the first adoption from Burundi. The hope is that we get some referrals of available children soon. It is thought that they are holding back on sending word of more available children until they get this first adoption through all the necessary hoops. Goodness, I am hoping and praying things proceed. It has been an emotional week!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Burundi on my mind

Hello Everyone,
I haven't written in a while because absolutely NOTHING is happening. I don't know who to be frustrated with. I'm frustrated at our agency for lack of contact and frustrated at our contact in Burundi for not being able to do more than one thing at a time and doing that one thing with apparently no rush at all. I've heard over and over again that things move slowly in Africa but this is getting unbearable.
The couple in front of us in line has sent their paperwork over and it is before the govt in Burundi right now. They expect to hear back within the next couple of weeks...I hope things move forward for them and they are able to travel soon. As soon as that happens we may get some more referrals! I have heard that some babies are being tested for HIV but I'm not sure if this is for sure the case or just people hoping it is the case.
I keep watching Burundi videos on heart aches for the children, mothers, widows and men of this country. I want to travel there so badly and love on as many people as possible...
The day WILL come and someone reminded me the other day that the right little one for our family will be ready for us when the time comes. They just may not be ready for us right now. I like this idea and it makes me feel a bit better.
Until next time...