Monday, August 13, 2012


Holy cow.  It's August.  I've been doing school summer camps way more than I wanted to.  The good thing is that Kepler loves going to school/camp.  He's pretty quiet at school.  It's like he watches and saves up all his words for his time with me.  Today was rough.  I don't think he paused once today.  Constant questions and commentary!  It's great that his language is progressing but it's exhausting at the same time.  He's speaking in complete sentences...
"Where we going today, Mommy?  Where we going?  We going to school today, Mommy?"
"That's a potato.  Potato up there, Mommy?  Yep.  That's a potato."
"Going to summer camp today, Mommy? Play with my kids at summer camp?  Go to the park, Mommy?"....You get the idea!
It's been really hard to get him to bed on time with all the light and nice weather!  We've been having so much fun visiting parks, hosting Grandma and Grandpa, going to the farmers market with Andrea and Isaac Cerretani, going on the church camping trip and going out for ice cream.  There are just not enough hours in the day!
Amos had to travel out of town twice in the last 3 weeks.  Kepler was pretty bummed that Daddy was gone but he started chatting with him on the phone.  He and Daddy would talk for about 5 minutes about what they had done that day.  I sit in the drivers seat and yell back a translation if Amos can't catch what Kepler's saying.  It's pretty cute.
Kepler seems to be learning that we come back too.  We left him at the Cerretani's for a few hours and went on a date.  He did great and we had absolutely no strange behavior afterwards, which has happened in the past:) We might make that a regular thing!  We are so lucky to have good people in our lives that are willing to take him in a heartbeat.  We are so thankful.

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