Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Pictures!!!

We got new photos of Kepler today! He is getting big without us! He actually looks more babyish to me than the last photo. I really think that last photo didn't represent him. He looks more like Kepler this time:) He weighs 9.6 kg, is 70 cm tall and his head is 45 cm. One really good thing is that his PCR-HIV test came back negative. His hair is longer and he is sitting in the famous blue picture taking chair again!
I got a DROID yesterday and this is so good because even though I can't use it to make calls from Ethiopia next month, I can take high quality photos and videos while I'm playing with Kepler!
I just finished ordering his photo album for my first trip. I actually ordered 2 just in case we don't get it back:)
I can't wait to post pictures on here after we pass court next month:) Hold tight for a few more weeks.
A couple things that are in the making: I have two baby showers coming up! One is next weekend and the other is on Feb 5th. Also, we are having an auction/rummage sale in mid March to raise money for the last trip. I am excited for this because 8 weeks is a quick turn around to raise another $3-4,000.
Bless you all a hundred times and thanks for the prayers!

Monday, January 10, 2011


Okay folks, things are rolling now! The biggest news is that Andrea Beaty is joining me on the first trip! This is a huge relief. I was very scared to get off that plane in Africa all by myself. I am so thankful to her for sacrificing work, money and time to go with me. It means the WORLD to me. She will travel on my flight, pray with me and take pictures of me meeting Kepler for the first time:) I am so excited!
I am running around like a mad woman trying to get our 2010 taxes sorted out and filed before I leave in a month! It's kind of a crunch! This all has to be in order before I travel because Amos is not going.
We are expecting new info and photos of Kepler this week! It's Christmas in Ethiopia so everything seems to have halted. I can understand but I do need someone to go to work so we can get pictures and a guesthouse booked! :)