Sunday, January 31, 2010

We're waiting...

Let's hear it! Hip, hip hooray! We mailed off our home study and I-600A application about two weeks ago. We are hoping to hear from US immigration soon. They will send us an appointment time to get our fingerprints done and then we wait again for the approval of the I-600A.
I am so excited to have it in someone else's corner now. We just have to wait...which isn't easy either but at least our paperwork is somewhere working it's way through the system.
Pray for a speedy appointment and speedy approval!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Backing up to move forward! after wrestling with immigration for a couple of weeks, we are just moving ahead by filing a new I-600A instead of a form to change our existing approved I-800A. We have to pay ANOTHER $670 to file this form and totally loose our $670 for the I-800A but I feel good about it because we will be moving and I know this form will work.
So here I sit with the form all filled out except for a few questions I'm not sure about. I will call the agency tomorrow and they should be able to give me the answers. Then I send it in with our NEW REVISED home study that I picked up last week! I think we have to get fingerprinted again but Amos is betting we don't. I think I will win this one.
This backing up to move forward to Ethiopia still feels REALLY good. I think it will feel even better when our stuff is off to Ethiopia. Then we will officially be further along than we were with Burundi. From what I hear Burundi is still not moving. That is just one more confirmation that we made the right choice to leave the program.
Thanks for continuing to read and care. I know we haven't had much exciting news to report.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Moving Slowly

Hello Readers!
Our home study is in its final stages before getting notarized. Our agency reviewed it and gave it an "excellent" so that's good! I think I have one more final check to make on it and then it will be mailed to us. The next hurdle we have to jump is figuring out how to fill out the I824 as "a petition to change an approved action". Has anyone out there done this? Our agency is thankfully checking on that and hopefully will get back to us shortly after our home study is done so we can ask the good ol US of A to bring a child to the US from Ethiopia instead of Burundi. Yeah....I know. Red Tape.
Yesterday we went to the bank and got a stack of papers notarized for the dossier. After we get our USCIS approval we will be all set to send off our entire dossier to Ethiopia!
In the mean time we are reading Parenting with Love and Logic. I'll keep you posted!