Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Doing okay...

Hello faithful friends who check this blog! You have no idea how much it means to me that you haven't given up an interest in our adoption!
So our dossier has been in Ethiopia for a little over 5 weeks now. We don't expect to hear that we have a referral for another few months but one can hope that something goes faster than expected right? ...especially since EVERYTHING has gone much slower than expected and thought possible up to this point.
Today was a bit happy and a bit sad. My friend boarded a plane today for Ethiopia to pick up her little boy. I am very happy for her but super...I guess 'jealous' is the word. I don't want to hear any encouragement such as "everything happens when it's supposed to" or "God's timing is perfect". I just might strangle the next person to say that. I know it's true. And it will happen when it happens but I don't want to hear it anymore. This friend of mine started the adoption process a year and a half after us. One thing is for sure: nothing in the adoption world is fair. There is not a single file line and it isn't a turn taking deal. Another friend of mine has been waiting over 3 years. I guess it's a lot like life. Some people completely sail through and others have to claw their way along while getting hit with baseball bats.
Another thing that is killing me: the 212 lady friends of mine that are pregnant. People have had babies already that were nowhere near pregnant when we started our process! This is nuts! It should be harder and take longer to grow a human being than get one that is in need.
Anywho... I probably should say that I am very happy for all my adoptive parent friends and mommies to be. Congrats to everyone! I just needed to rant a little:)