Saturday, November 14, 2009

I feel like the Mrs. Slowsky the Turtle

Hello Readers,
I had to shop in the baby section today for my soon coming baby niece. This is VERY hard to do. I try to avoid that section because it makes me feel sad. One day, I will get to go in the section with our little one and hold up clothes to them to see what colors look good on them and all that but it just seems so far away.
I have a new song that I have been playing in the car. I think it's just called 'Waiting'. The lyrics say "While I'm waiting, I will move ahead bold and confident" and "I will serve you while I'm waiting" and "I will trust you while I 'm waiting...". It's been my anthem lately.
I met with our social worker this week. She needed to come see our new place and ask a couple questions so she can start revising our home study. I'm excited about this but a little disappointed that we'll have to redo most, if not all, of our paperwork because it is over a year old now.
We are supposed to have another phone conference with the agency this week to discuss the dossier... I hope that happens. Our lady is out sick again and I didn't get to confirm our appointment.
That's all for tonight folks:)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Moving Ahead

Hello Readers!
Amos and I had a successful conference call and are now OFFICIALLY working with DOVE International Adoption Agency. We have signed our contract and sent in our first chunk of money.
We meet with our social worker who is going to revise our home study for Ethiopia tomorrow afternoon! I am so thrilled to have her start revising this because it is a HUGE chunk of the dossier. Once we have our home study redone, we just have to get a few other official papers together and reapply for another I-600. The agency says that there is a chance that we may be able to switch our approved I-800 to a I-600...but they aren't sure. I'm expecting that that won't be the case so I don't get disappointed.
We will have another conference call with the agency the week of November 16Th. They will discuss details of compiling our dossier. This will be a great time to ask about some of our paperwork that has already been done.
We are REALLY enjoying working with DOVE. They have been so kind, informative and helpful so far. We feel so taken care of. What a switch!