Sunday, October 25, 2009


It's Fall already. We are moving ahead. What else can we do? If we could hurry it we would. Baby Kallen, we are so ready for you. We're hurrying.

Phone Tag's been a bit frustrating...but what's new with adoption eh?
We were supposed to have our phone conference last week with our new agency. Amos rearranged his work schedule, worked an 11 hr day and came home early for the call. I got a call from the agency that morning saying that they had to cancel because the lady signed up for our call was out with the swine flu. We did everything we could to try to get someone else to do the call so we could check that box and move on. It didn't happen. However, we were able to reschedule for this Wednesday so that isn't too bad. I think they tried to get us in early because this application process has been ridiculously slow so far between letters getting lost in the mail, just not arriving, miscommunication and sickness.
I've been thinking lately about the delays...I'm not sure if it's a God thing or darker powers at work. It could be God holding things back to keep us in His timing. Or it could be Satan doing everything in his power to hold us back and frustrate us into giving up. God, if it's you, I put this in your hands. Satan, if it's you, screw you. We aren't giving up.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Plugging Along

Hello Readers,
We have filled out our application for a new adoption agency. With our application we had to give names and addresses of 5 references. All 5 have to be returned before we can move forward. It has been about 3 weeks and they only have 3 of our 5 references. I got tired of trying to track down the missing people so I just called on two friends to write ones FAST and mail them in. I'm hoping the agency received those last two this week and we will get a call for a phone interview this week. I'm also hoping that things start to move along.
I said I wouldn't peak at the Burundi program, but I have. The first family (that has their little guy's photos and such) still has not left to pick him up. Supposedly their paperwork is still in the court system! It looks as though even if we chose a child from Burundi tomorrow, we could be in the same spot 6 months from now because of how SLOW things are moving.
I bought a cute little giraffe at Value Village this week for our little one....It's so hard to wait and wait.
As frustrating as it has been, I have a sense of peace about this switch. I think Amos does too. I really feel as though God has rearranged our adoption and lives so I will be able to take this missions trip to Haiti in February. I think he has something up his sleeve with this trip.
It will be a whirlwind year for us. The Holidays are coming up and then I leave for Haiti in February and then, hopefully, this spring I will travel to Ethiopia to pick up our baby! I'm hoping it goes by quickly!
Keep us and our little one in your prayers please.