Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baby, I got a boost of encouragement yesterday with the approval of our I-800A. You seem closer now. I cleaned out the books at school and brought some home that will be perfect for you! I can't wait to read them to you.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We got notice from Immigration today!!! Our I-800A has been approved!!! I opened the fancy letter from them thinking we hit another obsticle but got GOOD news instead! The US has determinded us eligible to adopt and bring an orphan into the United States! I cried when I read it. If my thinking is correct, I believe we get to stand in line for available children now!
I know lots of you have been praying. Thank you.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Baby Kallen, Grandma Anderton got you these red boots. Frosty tested them out. They are waiting for you!
Passports- check!

Up Till Now

Hello Friends and Family! Amos and I (Emelie) filed paperwork 8 months ago to start our adoption of a child from Burundi, Africa. We spent about two months gathering birth certs, marriage certs, police clearances, passports etc for our homestudy. We completed a phycological evaluation and found we are sane. We finished our homestudy and turned it in in February of 09. We just recently sent in our application for our I-800 from US immigration. An approved I-800 gives us permission to bring an orphan into the US. We got fingerprinted while Amos had a platelett count of 1 and heard back a few days later that we did not include the new requirement, a state clearance from every state we lived in. The letter stated that we had 48 days to write a letter to California where Amos lived for a year and hear back from them that he wasn't in any trouble while living there. Amazingly, we heard back in time and sent it off to immigration before our deadline. Now, we wait...We expect to hear back from immigration by July. As soon as we have an approved I-800, we can get in line for a specific child! We did not specify gender. We asked only that our child be two or younger. We are in for a surprize! Thanks for joining us on our journey!